Our high tech surgery has now been open for some time but we continue to adapt, innovate and improve it as opportunity and requirements arise. We are benefiting from the extra facilities by being able to have other part- time specialists, dentist and hygienists working with us to complement Patrick Ethrington, Elly Amirsoleiman and Saagar Patel. The surgery is now also equipped with the latest in tooth whitening technology so we are able to offer you a comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments. In November 2014 we installed a Defibrillator at the Practice - one of very few dental practices to have done so in South West London and to have thus met the standards set by the General Dental Council in this respect. All the usual suspects are still with us - Patrick Ethrington (40yrs man and boy), Claire Jones (32yrs) and Lauren Creese-Bates (12yrs). And then there’s Titch - Patrick’s dog - a relative newcomer and occasional visitor to the Practice.
229 New Kings Road London SW6 4XE Tel: 020 7736 3220 contact@parsonsgreen.com
Alex Redhead, our Orthodontist, and our Endodontist Dr Rohan Rajasingham at a little lunch time get together at Arro Coffee Parsons Green. Below, a couple of photos of our 2020 dinner at Quaglinos.