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As the first lock-down restrictions were gradually eased by the Government, we worked hard to re-open the Practice on June 11th 2020 and we shall remain open during the current restrictions announced on January 4th 2021 . But this is by no means back to normal. Waiting lists are longer than normal, and we will be contacting everyone who has an existing appointment so that we can confirm the treatment required. It is important that we speak to you before your appointment, so if we have been unable to contact you, please phone us. We really appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult time and we will do our very best to help everyone. We will keep you informed on how the new system will work on our web site. We have made a number of physical alterations to the Practice, as well as making sure we have the right PPE and procedures to properly protect both you and all our staff. We are working with guidelines from the Government, our governing bodies and Public Health England to find a safe and sensible way forward. This is how we plan to run the Practice during the Covid-19 pandemic. The diaries are now open for new appointments. We will be prioritising patients who have been suffering acute problems during the lock-down and for the moment therefore, although routine appointments can be made, we will be trying our best to look after these acute patients first. Hygienist appointments will be possible but some of the procedures may not be available. Appointments: All appointments must be confirmed by telephone so that we can assess and confirm what treatment you need, that you are healthy and that you are aware of the new procedures we have had to introduce. We will phone you a few days before the appointment but if we are unable to contact you, please make sure to phone us at least one working day before the appointment. Arrival: We ask all patients to call a minute or so before arrival as we have a closed door policy. This means that you will be greeted by the clinician and taken straight to the treatment room, in order to limit your time in communal areas. We will be unable to admit you to the Practice before the clinician is ready for you and in some circumstances we may ask you to wait outside. The waiting room will only be available in exceptional circumstances such as for an adult accompanying a child or a carer accompanying an elderly or disabled patient. We may ask you to wear a mask as a protection to yourself and others within the practice when not receiving treatment and we will provide you with one if necessary. Please keep your own possessions that you bring with you to the absolute minimum. Treatment: Some treatments and procedures may not be possible, but this will have been discussed with you in the pre appointment telephone call. During the treatment we will be wearing the appropriate personal protection equipment, which will vary according to the treatment being carried out. Post Treatment: In order to reduce the possibility of infection, payment by card is preferred, if not mandatory. For the sake of our staff and patients it really is better if we do not handle cheques or cash if at all possible and we thank you for your understanding. We apologise in advance to you all for the inconvenience these changes may cause you. At all times we aim to work in the best interests of our patients and our staff and to keep you all safe. We look forward to the time when life returns to normal once again and we can return to the friendly sociability that we all once enjoyed.