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NEWS: Patrick’s Birthday Party October 2018 We had a great time celebrating Patrick’s birthday, first in the practice complete with cake and then on a night- time cruise down the Thames on the Waverley - the last remaining paddle steamer in operation in the world. It was a really excellent night out and there are few photos here. Sulaman   Anwar   is   currently   specialising   in   the   treatment   of   gums   and   apart   from   his   work   in   the   Practice,   is working as a Speciality Registrar in Periodontology at Guy’s Hospital London. More information here. Elly   Amirsoleiman    has   been   on   leave   for   a   few   months   while   she   gave   birth   to   twins   in   October   2016.   But   we are   delighted   that   she   has   now   returned   to   us   on   a   one   day   a   week   basis   coming   in   on   Wednesdays   and   we   hope that she will extend that to more days in the coming year. Our   high   tech   surgery    has   now   been   open   for   some   time   but   we   continue   to   adapt,   innovate   and   improve   it   as opportunity   and   requirements   arise.   We   are   benefiting   from   the   extra   facilities   by   being   able   to   have   other   part- time   specialists,   dentist   and   hygienists   working   with   us   to   complement   Patrick   Ethrington,   Ellie   Amirsoleiman   and   Sulaman   Anwar .   The   surgery   is   now   also   equipped   with   the   latest   in   tooth   whitening   technology   so   we   are able   to   offer   you   a   comprehensive   range   of   cosmetic   dental   treatments.   In   November   2014    we   installed   a Defibrillator   at   the   Practice   -   one   of   very   few   dental   practices   to   have   done   so   in   South   West   London   and   to   have thus met the standards set by the General Dental Council in this respect. Dr   Rohan   Rajasingham    is   a   highly   skilled   and   experienced   specialist   endodontist   (root   fillings)   and   the   has been working two days a week with us for the last few years. He comes in on Mondays and Thursdays. Dr   Alex   Redhead    is   a   specialist   Orthodontist.   He   joined   us   in   2005   and   comes   in   on   Mondays   from   his   practice in   the   West   End   from   09:00hrs   to   22:00hrs   for   both   children   and   adults.   He   specialises   in   'invisible'   orthodontic techniques.   We   have   known   him   at   the   practice   for   many   years   and   are   very   pleased   to   have   him   working   with us. His main reception telephone number for making a booking is 0207 637 0777. Mrs   Elly   Amirsoleiman   joined   us   a   couple   of   years   ago.   Ellie   is   an   experienced   general   dentist   and   her   special interests   are   children’s   dentistry,   cosmetic   dentistry,   tooth   whitening   and   posterior   porcelain   inlays.   In   addition to   that   she   is   also   qualified   and   highly   experienced   in   cosmetic   enhancing   treatments    and   appointments   for   this can be booked through Claire in the normal way. Maria   Agius    is   our   very   popular   Hygienist   and   is   at   the   practice   for   appointments   from   08:30   to   17:30hrs, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday All   the   usual   suspects   are   still   with   us   -   Patrick   Ethrington   (37yrs   man   and   boy),   Claire   Jones   (31yrs)   and   Lauren Creese-Bates   (10yrs).   And   then   there’s   Titch   -   Patrick’s   dog   -   a   relative   newcomer   and   occasional   visitor   to   the Practice.
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