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WALES - OCTOBER 2010: In 2010 our annual trip - and the Lizzie Haynes leaving party - was to Wales and the wonderful Gower Peninsula. The   evening   started   with   a   fantastic   tribute   to   Lady   Gaga   and   the   Monster   Ball   Tour   and   a   truly   great   evening was had by everyone. The   next   day,   our   feet   rested   after   a   night   of   dancing,   Claire   took   us   down   to   Mumbles   and   the   wonderful   Gower Peninsula.   We   headed   to   Langland   Bay   and   its   brasserie   and   after   a   long   walk   between   Langland   and   Caswell   it was   back   for   lunch   overlooking   the   fabulous   bay.   There,   to   Claire’s   delight   we   saw   and   snapped   two   Welsh international rugby players! Throughout the weekend, we were blessed with wonderful Welsh weather and 18°C. We all had a successful trip and were able to take a fond farewell of our wonderful hygienist Lizzie. Click on a photograph for a bigger picture.  
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